Nostalgic In SoCal 

This past week we headed back to my hometown for a visit. Although I love living in Seattle there is nothing like going back home. 


I couldn’t help but grab a coffee straight after I landed, so I hit up one of my favorites zinc café. Yes Seattle has some of the best coffee ever but I sure do miss this place. I have so many good memories there it’s nice to go back. 

If you’ve moved away from your hometown you would know that going back and roaming your old favorite streets and stores is so nostalgic and even when I was pointing out all the little things I loved I still managed to find things I’ve never noticed before. 

A cute cafe I stumbled upon. I love the light and airy feel the space had, it was so peaceful. 


You don’t realize the things you love so much until you don’t have them anymore. When I moved I never expected that I was going to miss Wahoos or Rubios. It might sound funny but for whatever reason I miss them. I don’t know if I miss the food or the fact that that’s where my friends and I would always go. 

I think I drank more coffee in that week than ever before. We went hopping from cafe to cafe all day. Each cafe/coffee shop makes their coffee in their own way, so getting the chance to taste a variety of coffee and tea was such a treat. 

Even in a loud cafe when you’re sitting down with an old friend you become so drawn into the conversation that all the other background noise dissipates through the air. 


A gold clock that caught my eye in one of the many coffee shops we visited. 

If any of you live away from your hometown, go take a visit and relive all your favorite memories. 

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