SURROUNDINGS : The things and conditions around a person or thing.

TIME : 3:15PM , 15:15


The humans + other intriguing objects around me.

The man with the pen + paper

A man I actually see here quite often, he always gets the same order of a plain black hot coffee. He’s always drawing, always black ink and plain white paper. Dark vintage denim jeans with a simple grey top and his messy hair formed into two braids.

The girl behind the counter

Always remembers my order, “one tall iced latte for here?” Always decked out in ripped denim and silver details. Eyeliner always winged and eyeshadow always a different color.

The parent trap

2 parents 2 kids, their usual 3:00pm after school ritual. Always get a cupcake and talk about the day they’ve had. Kids always in their matching converse and dad always sporting a baseball cap.

A few of my surroundings.

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