Change And Creative Purpose

Change, it’s something us humans thrive off of. Whether it’s enjoyable or not it keeps us going and it allows for learning experiences. Over the past couple of years, I’ve definitely learned to accept change and use it towards something productive and creative. Although creating a little box of routine and familiarity is comfortable stepping out and adjusting to change can be so beneficial and lead to better things.

I had been in the same town my whole life, I knew every street name. I had friends I had known since birth, I had this whole life that took years and years to build and grow familiar to. You can imagine the shock and difficulty it was to dive into not only a new town but a new state. It felt wrong, it felt empty and the farthest thing from home. And 1 year and 8 months later its still hard, in the best way. I’ve been pushed to step outside of my comfort and my safe place.

Being thrown into something new and foreign has taught me a lot, people aren’t going to be able to know you inside and out right away, you’re gonna be judged and if you aren’t exactly like what they’re used to some people have a hard time being open minded and expecting something new. I definitely have learned to be myself and let them get to know me. Which can be difficult at times because I’m such an introvert. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m authentic and wild with my close friends but I get uncomfortable in new  surroundings.

You have no control over how people perceive you, at the end of the day if they make a certain judgment or opinion about you all you can do is be yourself. I find that because of my social anxiety people find me standoffish or stuck up. I’m far from it, really I’ve got 50 things going on in my head and anxiety crawling up my back.

It’s a lot to get used to and that’s only a small portion of how moving impacted my life.

But all this change and unfamiliar experiences pointed me into a creative direction, I felt more inspired and more pushed to show people who I was. I started taking advantage of these platforms and producing creative content. Creativity can be expressed in the smallest ways and through any art form. Finding the ones you’re attracted to is the perfect place to start.

Use change as a new way to express yourself and express your creativity. Yes, it’s hard but its so necessary.

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