Self Worth + Self Love

Two things that most of the world population seem to struggle with. Whether people are openly insecure about these topics or they hide behind a man-made, ego ridden mask they’ve assembled, millions long for the feeling of self-worth and self-love. But why are these two, such important factors in life? It’s simple, you can’t live an enjoyable raw, authentic life when you don’t know the worth of your own. How can you create and inspire others when you don’t obtain any worth for yourself? Do you really think you can fall in love with someone else when you don’t even have love for yourself? This generation has formulated and constructed the minds of the youth to think they have to achieve and live up to such a high unrealistic standard, we have to own these certain brands of clothing and we have to have this amount of money and this degree etc. Self-worth and self-love have been completely lost in the equation.

As they say, these things don’t just happen overnight. I believe they sort of grow and come together all throughout your lifetime. Humans are changing and learning every day that includes our self-worth and love. The more you learn about yourself the more you can grow to love yourself and then that affects how you view your self-worth. It’s almost like a chain reaction. You learn, then you learn to love, and then you gain self-worth.


When I think back to the times I’ve learned the most about myself it tends to be when I was least expecting it. Times where I was thrown into something I didn’t exactly want to do or something I was hesitant about. Like I’ve said many times when you’re out of your comfort zone you’ll learn a lot. Not just useful life skills but a lot about yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything big or outrageous. It can be something simple like talking to a new person or helping someone out. Not only does it make you feel better you never know the impact you may have on someone else and their situation.


I clearly remember the day I realized I was an extreme introvert. See the thing is I never viewed myself as a shy or introverted person. I was super outgoing and myself around my friends so why would I ever be considered an introvert? Now It never occurred to me when I was in my comfortable, familiar environment because that was years of familiarity and growth. When I moved to Seattle and met new people and had to start over in a sense, that’s when I realized how much of an introvert I really am. This lead me to discover many other things about myself. I’ve discovered my love for writing, It’s a brilliant way for me to express myself and hopefully inspire others. So push yourself and your comfort zone, You’ll learn so much and have some crazy stories to tell.

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