Inside My Creative Space “Paper + Ink”

The best part about the idea of art is that it’s everything. Of course, everyone has their particular opinion on what art they like and dislike. Art can be anything and can be created by anyone, that’s what makes it divine, that’s what makes humans beautiful creatures. We’re all capable of creating. In fact, we all do it. You might think you’re not creative because maybe you don’t paint or build. But you make memories, don’t you? You create stories by the way you live your life, so you’re a creator. Creativity is more than paint on a canvas and a photo in a picture frame.

This space is I suppose my “Paper + Ink” creative space. I carry it with me on a daily basis and I rarely have more than a pen on me. I tend to pull this out when I’m out of the house and have been triggered to create.



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