I Am An EXTROVERT Ft. Hannah



Something I’ll probably never been labeled or defined as but my sister Hannah happens to be. Now I am being a little biased but Hannah is truly a creative master and an artistic genius. She is by far one of my biggest inspirations and an all round talented human being. She never fails to impress me with her wide range of creative visions and ideas. I talk to my sister on a daily basis and we’ve had countless conversations about this particular topic so I took it upon myself to interview and share her thoughts and exact feelings. This is her take on being labeled as an “extrovert”.

Q – Hannah when did you discover you were labeled and placed in the box of being an “extrovert” ?

A – When I was around 10 or 11 I realized I could get a group of people’s attention and laughter by being goofy and outgoing.

Q – Do you consider yourself an extrovert? If so why?

A – People assume I am an extrovert because I am an outgoing person, I like to make people happy and I tend to be comfortable in social situations. Although given the choice I am more inclined to stay at home and spend time alone because I find my energy drained by others. So in this regard, I lean towards being introverted, so I guess you could say I’m somewhere in the middle.

Q – Do you think you have an advantage over introverts because you find social interaction easy?

A – In some cases yes, I’m not shy , I’m not stressed or anxious in groups, and small talk doesn’t make me uncomfortable. I can find common ground with most people, and I simply love people. Yet once people view you that way they assume that you are that way all the time, so I feel pressure to always be “on”. If I’m not people ask if I’m sick or mad. Which I know they don’t tend to expect from introverts.

Q – What is your opinion on the labels “Introvert” and “Extrovert” ?

A – Obviously it is impossible to label all people into two different categories, and understanding that people can be a little bit of both and it’s not a solid definition or the mark of someone’s character as people we change and shift constantly and that’s what makes us awesome! So let’s celebrate that and really get to know the people around us.

We will be labeled, put into boxes, included in categories and we will be judged. But never ever limit yourself and your capabilities. Take advantage of every opportunity and never let anyone or anything define who you are.

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