“Me” Who Am I?


I find myself questioning and contradicting myself often. You see, there are copious amounts of layers to each person, too many to even fathom. Although these layers come together to form one’s self they’re not to be defined and limited. The idea of perception has always intrigued and triggered my mind, I feel as though my head is spinning when I attempt to identify with the topic. Yet I still find myself digging into the topic to educate myself further. Having these layers of our self can lead to a various and wide range of response from others. If you meet someone for the first time do they know you and all your many layers right off the bat? Well of course not, that would be unrealistic and nearly impossible. They may leave with only a minor glimpse into who you are.

img_8748I’ve come to realize the power of the mind. I was always told, “mind over matter”. I had heard this phrase countless times and brushed it off in a way. I suppose it seemed too far fetched and ill-logical for me to gather. Yet here I am talking about how I’ve come to understand it and apply it to my life. Now don’t get me wrong I’m still one to OVER think and over complicate things at times, but using this tactic has only benefited me. It’s almost like “fake it till you make it” if you repeatedly tell yourself something you will start to believe it.  Just like if you fake it you’ll eventually get the hang of it. It all comes together, everything is connected.

I tend to get frustrated with myself when I’m having trouble understanding my thoughts and feelings. It’s hard enough for me to understand and know myself let alone have another person get close to me. We all have our own various defense mechanisms. Naturally when we’re put in uncomfortable or alarming situations we all react and defend. Unfortuanlty I’m always way too quick to defend. It’s almost like I automatically assume I’m alone and need to fight for myself. Which is not always the case, but this is just a small part of getting to understand who you are. We change so often and in such large ways. So we’re constantly learning more about how we interact and behave in particular situations. So me, who am I? I’m me and I’m changing all the time and tomorrow might be a different story. My opinions and feelings might change and that’s perfectly fine. Change is inevitable and unavoidable. That’s the best part. If you’re not satisfied or happy with a component in your life you have the power to change it. It’s your life and it’s in your hands, use your mind and your abilities. Again who am I? I’m constantly changing and forever growing into a better more educated and more experienced version of me. So who are you? You decide and you can make it happen.

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