Strong Independent Woman Feat. Ella Gemmell


Born in Plymouth England

Raised in Southern California 

Currently living in Barcelona Spain

Ella among other things is a risk taker, dream maker, and fear shaker. And no I’m not referencing the Pat Benatar song although that is such a killer tune. I’ve always looked up to her despite the countless disagreements and arguments we had growing up. She has been the definition of risk-taker and I’m constantly driven to do the same. Ella is extremely hard working and unbelievably determined. This is her take on living the life of a strong and independent women. Here’s what she had to say. 


What has been the most vital moment of independence for you? 

– ” There have been many moments of independence. Each building on the previous. When I got my first job here in Barcelona I felt that I was finally on my way to accomplishing my goals. Then I got a room and was somewhat settled and I felt I was closer to being truly independent. Then I got my own apartment, and that was when I finally felt that I had truly done all that I had come to do. That was a very empowering moment for me, and since then my confidence has only grown.”

When did you decide to take matters into your own hands to pursue your dreams and passions?

–  ” I have always known that I want to travel and live abroad but I was always scared to take the leap and do it. Last year, the beginning of 2015, I took a 6 week trip to Europe by myself. That was kind of the beginning, I had the bug, I knew I had to travel again. When I went back to California after that trip I felt restless and knew that something needed to change. Yet I couldn’t quite figure out what it was that I wanted to change. So when I lost my job I knew that was the moment. I took a leap and went for it. I really didn’t have it planned that well, I just knew that I had to try something. So I packed up everything. I had enough money for about 2 months so I decided to give it a try. And I think it turned out well.” 

How has it benefited you as an individual, and what growth have you seen within yourself?

–  ” My confidence has increased drastically. Once you accomplish something such as moving across the world alone you feel as though you can accomplish anything. And it’s an amazing position to put yourself in.”

What’s your advice for those hesitant to step outside of their comfort zone?

–  ” Just do it, you will never be 100% ready and you will always be able to come up with an excuse in your head as to why you don’t think you can do it. Give yourself a time limit and then commit to it. You honestly just have to take the leap.” 

What are some of your future plans to further this adventure of yours?

–  ” Well each year I set a list of goals for myself. This year it was to move to a foreign country and get a job, as well as a few other smaller personal goals. Next year my goal is to successfully start and support myself with my own business. I’ll most likely stay in Barcelona for 2017, but there is always the possibility that I’ll move again to keep the adventure going.” 

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