Kylie Spence Expression Through The Art Of Music

Music. It’s something so special words can’t define it, for some it’s everything. It brings people together and creates a feeling nothing else can replicate. It’s a happy place and brings so much joy and unity to the world. I loved hearing what Kylie had to say about her journey and love for the art of music. 

Here’s Kylie Spence on expression through the art of music

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Photography by Addie Briggs

“Music is everything to me. It’s what I do every day and what I will continue to do for the rest of my life. It’s one of the only things I look forward to doing after a long day. I started writing and getting serious about singing when I was 12. I haven’t been bored of it since, which is a good sign. The inspiration for my songs come to me in waves. It’s frustrating for me sometimes because whenever I want to write I can’t, but whenever I don’t particularly want to write (if I have to practice for a gig or something) I write a song. I find inspiration in relationships, stories I’ve heard, and even people I’ve met. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie and write about the main character and experiences they’ve had.”

Photography by Addie Briggs

“When I do write, it comes pretty easily to me. I love using bizarre sounding chords and melodies in some of my songs, and that’s what I think makes me so unique. I can’t really say all of my songs are inspired by my own personal experiences. For example, I’ve never had a boyfriend, but I’ve written songs about love. I’ve always been so empathetic, and because of this, most of my songs are deeper rather than surface level just because I understand what people are going through more so than others. Music really is therapy for me. There is just something about writing words on a piece of paper and adding music to it that conveys the song almost perfectly. Noise to me is so beautiful whether quiet or loud. If you really think hard about it, music is everywhere whether or not we see or hear it. It’s a universal language and my dream is to connect and reach many people through it even if they don’t speak my language.”

Photography by  Addie Briggs

“My songs truly are like a look into my diaries. They are so personal yet disguised and sometimes they tell a different story than the listeners perceive. I’m an old soul, and my writing shows it. Writing and performing, helps me express myself on so many different levels. I like to let the music flow through my body; it gives off a certain energy that is so unique. Honestly, if I didn’t have music I don’t know what I would do with myself and my life. It’s my rock foundation, and I can turn to it whenever I need to. “

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