Like Father Like Daughter

I have many fond memories of my dad from a young age. I’ve never met someone so loving and affectionate. He truly gives his all to everything he leaves his mark on. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up beside him, the lessons I’ve learned I wouldn’t trade for the world.

When I think of my earliest memories with him they all seem to revolve around dancing to Dire Straits or Third World. He used to pick me up and spin me around as he sang along to his favorite song off of the Golden Heart album by Mark Knopfler. Which is still played daily in our household, I definitely would say I gained my intense love for music from him.

Plymouth, England 1977

I think learning and understanding your parent’s lives has such an impact on your own. My dad has had such an interesting life and learning and hearing about his makes our relationship grow as well as my knowledge. 
I’m so grateful to have him as my example and guide throughout life. I know it’s difficult to listen and understand your parents at times, and it’s difficult for them to understand and help you, but they will have an impact and you have the choice to help make it a good one. Investing in these relationships is so vital, you can put in zero work and have high expectations, life doesn’t work like that. Nothing is just handed to you, and I think that’s one of the lessons I’ve learned from my father. Work hard for what you want and invest in caring for what’s around you. My dad has always supported living an entrepreneur lifestyle, he’s always been a creative influence on me and I’m very appreciative for that.

Laguna Beach, California 1998

I’ve definitely grown closer to my dad as I get older. I find we’re developing more common interests between the two of us. I’ve learned the time I spend with him is special and not to be taken for granted. I think since I’m much younger than my two older sisters, it’s almost like I’ve been an only child these past few years. It’s been hard but also a really good learning experience. I’ve gotten the opportunity to travel with them and see and experience so many amazing things. We’ve had time to mend any past resentment or hard feelings and focus on the future and building a stronger relationship. My dad and I share a lot of the same characteristics. We’re both extremes, we do everything with a ton of passion. Everything is done full force. If we care and love we care and love hard. If we have a strong opinion it will be obvious and made clear. 

Processed with VSCO with n1 preset

My dad had motorcycles on and off throughout the years, he’s always had a huge love for them. I remember the first time I rode on the back, my feet couldn’t even touch the floor. It was so exhilarating and I could see why he was so in love with the thrill. Who knows maybe I’ll take on that love for motorcycles.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
Seattle, Washington 2016

I’m forever thankful for the love and support I’ve received from my father. Who knows maybe I got my love for modeling from him?

Thank you, dad, for everything.

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  1. Geena that was so awesome especially the last picture with your last comment 😂 I just love you sweet Geena 😘


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