What It’s Really Like

Every individual has their story, they have their experiences and their judgments from right to wrong and so forth. Now nobody can take that away from them, and maybe I’m particularly passionate about this idea but I feel like I’ve had people who have tried to take that away from me. No one can take your story and your voice. What is it really like? For you for the girl or guy who delivers your mail or for the person who makes your espresso. Just like how those people don’t know your story and so on, you don’t know theres and that probably goes for all the people you see on Instagram or tumblr. Im sure if those people tried to tell you your story you’d be pretty agitated and hostile so don’t do it to them or anyone else. The only story we should be trying to tell and judge is our own. We’re only responsible for ourselves. 


Im sure plenty of people have their minds set on who they think I am. In fact I know some people do. I’ve been told, I’ve heard many rumors or gossip that has been said. It happens and is happening to everyone. Someone somewhere will always be trying to tell someone else’s story but their own, and maybe we can’t “fix” this but we can decide to be the best story teller of our own stories. People will talk and lie and gossip but you know yourself better than anyone else ( except maybe your mom? sorry hate to say it’s kinda true) take matters into your own hands. 


Finding individuality is a process , a very long one that never seems to never end. Believe it or not everyone is fighting insecurity and fear. Every individual handles their emotions differently, and not everyone will understand how they do so. It can be frustrating even annoying. Someone might feel that way about you. It’s an on going affect. Everyone is so different but we’re all experiencing these different things in a similar way. Learning to deal with emotions is something that will never get easier, its messy and complicated and always unexpected. Things seem to never go to plan with me, which at times can be interesting and almost enjoyable but can also be a huge stress and burden. I’m trying to learn to be patient as hard as it can be. Trying to be patient with others and not so quick to defend or judge. Let them be them and me be me and if theres no common ground its ok and also ok to move on and not worry or spend time stressing over it. I overthink everything including overthinking the idea of trying not to overthink as much. 


Things aren’t glamorous in the real world. Nobodys life is what it looks like through a screen or with a filter over it. That is a microscopic look into their life, and it may not even be real in the first place. Learn to judge less, hate less, and open your eyes to what its really like. 

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