Girl Power! ★

Not only do I find it important to recognize talented women, I believe it’s vital. One of the most beneficial and best things about social media is the inspiration. There are so many strong, talented women with such power. Girl power! I have found some amazingly talented girls out there here are a few and a little bit of their story.

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I take women’s selfies as inspiration for my paintings. I view it almost as a collaborative effort because their self portraits are art to begin with. I am so inspired to paint women in the way they view themselves.


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When I think of girl power many things come to mind. Number one being, girls supporting girls & helping each other grow without envy. Number two being, the unfortunate amount of girls with a following who claim to be all about girl power but when it boils down to it, they’re all about themselves. I think it’s important to be aware of who’s real and who’s fake. The way I spread girl power is by creating jewelry that makes women feel beautiful! Each piece is made to make your outfit pop and make the person feel confident when they look in the mirror or walk down a busy street.


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I’m Morgan. A photographer, artist, friend, lover, and a woman! I embrace my girl power by not letting society’s expectations rule me and by pursuing my dreams/goals no matter what people have to say. Expressing yourself through your art and having a healthy outlet for not only sadness or anger, but also the positive energy you have is so important. The women in my life have shaped me so much in such a positive way. My Mom, sister, friends, etc. are always encouraging my art and I would not be able to be the person I am today without their love and support. I’m so thankful and flattered that i’m able to be a part of this project. I cannot stress enough how cool women & girls are around the world. The female body is amazing and does such crazy things like MAKING BABIES! like seriously how amazing is that? I’m rambling at this point, but what I really want to say at the end of this is that to any girl reading this right now; you are strong, and you can do anything you set your mind to. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. GIRL POWER!


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A poem.

“Stand up straight. Hands on your sides. Chin up and smile at all times. Tuck in your stomach, and pretend to be happy.” These are the words I live by.

“Wipe your tears. Don’t worry, nothing happened. Nothing ever happens here.” I guess I’m doing just fine.

“Why is this hurting though? Mother, I’m in pain.”

“Shhh, darling. No you’re not. It’s ok.”

I trust in your word mother. Perhaps it’s only my day.

I smile for you all, and wait for the applause.

I stand up straight, and think, “They caught the bate.”

They come up to me, with their masks, and idolize my presence.

“Why do they love me so much?” I wonder to myself.

“You’re daughter is amazing. Isn’t she stunning? Such an example,” are the words from hell.

Ok, I guess I am doing everything right. My mother seems to be satisfied.

Dissessions arise, as soon as the front door is shut. Sharp words cutting through each others skin. Shady secrets being brought up. I haven’t even heard of.

The tears of torment, being shed. The yells of distress being spread.

Quick, they’re looking. Get in place or they’ll start talking again.

Make sure things are in check, or they’ll get suspicious.

But, wait, just a second ago you were vicious?

Doesn’t matter. Act natural. Put on these façades. Just smile and wave. I smile, as hard as I can. The tears of blood inside me, can’t resist the stance.

Tick-Tock. My chest, is a time-bomb, about to go off. I can taste death mother, help me please.

No honey, that’s ok. You’ll be fine. But don’t tell anyone about that line.

I can’t breathe. I’m suffocating. Eight, seven, six. I feel like I’m falling on bricks.

My family of wolves, disguising as sheep. Where is the sanity?

Five, four, three. Please, I’m begging, pleaing, and on my knees.

Her warm veneer is oblivious, and her eyes are filled with tease.

Two. The ilusion is gone.

One. To the trap I was drawn.

All I wanted, was to make something out of myself before my life was over. But, it’s too late. There’s no time left, for me to wait. I was destined to explode.

Did you enjoy the show?

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If you don’t live it, is there any significance?
Having the ability to create, grow, flourish, and influence is what our power is all about. Being able to have variety in various ways makes our creative minds expand. Art is our strongest characteristic. Whether it’s physical art on a canvas or the canvas being one of us, women hold it all. Not only is it important to embrace ourselves, but also embrace our hard work and dedication. Time is always of essence. Patience is truly the key. I myself, have been drowned in doubt. But what has always held me up has been my burning passion to create. As cliche as it sounds, I was born to do what I do. And I will always push myself to do more, because satisfaction doesn’t exist. Having power and a creative mind is a gift, a gift that is earned. But when in doubt, always remember that courage is our strongest protection.



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“Star Girl” visual edit by Geena Rae
“Lust & Fear” by Geena Rae

For me starting was my start to embracing girl power. I started to share my interests in writing, art, fashion, music, all things I love and have a passion for. I love talking about real, Important issues and topics. Insecurity and self doubt have always been something I’ve dealt with and found common within young women. The standards society has set us and the pressure we are under has not only affected me but every women out there. I created my website as a place I could be completely myself and share other people who want to do the same through their creative passions. I’m so beyond  proud of all these girls for doing what they love and loving themselves for it! I hope you got a glimpse into the power these girls have.

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