Expression Through Art

Art, this world is covered in art. Everything from old Vangogh, to street murals by some hidden underground artist who goes by a stage name. Paintings, photography, graphic design, clothing, all built into this creative world of art. Everyone expresses themselves through art, even if you don’t consider yourself “artistic” or “creative” you’re creating and expressing through it sub consciously all the time. I’ve asked some creatives to share a little about how they do so. 

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Art and expression are two different things, art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. While expression means the process of making known one’s thoughts or feelings. But you put both of them together and you get making you’re feelings known through art and that’s expression through art. Art to me is everywhere, from the trash on the ground to the birds in the sky. It all has a meaning and it all has its beauty, the way trash just sits on the ground waiting to be moved somewhere while birds fly in the sky in a arrow toward whatever direction there migrating. I call this art through science because it’s actually proven the way things work on this earth such as the way a shell is shaped or the way a flower is grown is meant to be and there’s nothing that will change it , this is called the Fibonacci sequence which means a series of numbers in which each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. Which is the math/science of how everything works so perfectly in this earth, such as bees population on this earth and how they keep humans alive by pollinating. All and all my point in this article is to show how art is in all walks of life and it’s expressed everywhere

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Self expression is so admirable because it actually takes an immense amount of courage and commitment. People assume that pure self expression and art go hand in hand but I digress. I often find myself wishing that I could truly express myself through myself. For me self expression becomes easier when I can use another person as a canvas. That way I don’t need to worry about how critical I am of myself or how critical others are of me. A reoccurring fear of mine is if I’m being too transparant. I think for some self expression and transparency screams vulgarity and at this point of my life that scares me because I don’t know exactly who I want to be yet. Do I want to be conservatively expressive, milding opressing my urges and desires of self expression – or do I want to be free? Taking on the onslaught of judgement and the possibility of closed doors and turned cheeks. That fear leaves me with countless test shots, and photos, and verses left unpublished, unseen, unsaid, and unheard. To truly express yourself in all your glory is a right that we all have, but one that many don’t get to experience.

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I’ve never been the loudest in the room and photography allows me to show people how I see things without having to say a word. I don’t even own a camera yet so It’s everything to me. I can still be that quiet kid in the back but it’s cool because people will get it. Naturally I’m a perfectionist and it drives me crazy sometimes. I visualize everything in colors way before I press a shutter. I obsess over them, and because I can literally interpret colors perfectly (I’ve taken the hue test plenty of times, perfect every time) I’m always trying to break away from that nature of perfection by getting colors to sit well with each other within a photograph versus making them look correct. Settings. Settings. Settings. How many different ways can I capture a model in the middle of Cap Hill madness or an artist on stage at a sold out show? The possibilities are endless. The way light changes the energy at midnight, sunrise, dawn, etc. it’s all amazing to me. As you add in more factors you start to add layers. Each one is a color. Each one is a different energy. I see and interpret the world in colors so I like to think that I’m collecting energies to paint an image. It’s all for the world. Gonna continue to grow the palette.

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I have a saying I vicariously live by: Why not make poetry out of your life? This all stems around my nostalgic mind and wanting to romanticize my every day life. I wake up and I am consumed by the thought that my day is being lived the most authentically it can be. It doesn’t matter if my day was positive or negative, I always think of my life as art. For me, making art has become so vital, for my breath to breathe easy and for my heart to fill full. Without art, I would be living a monotonous life full of worry. Creation is the only thing that makes me feel that I’m contributing to something bigger than myself. My artwork fills my soul with passion and compassion and vulnerability. I genuinely believe I’m my best self when I’m creating. It pushes my boundaries, challenges me to be better, makes me be honest with myself, and encourages me to get out in the world and notice the beauty. My art beyond writing and photography and graphic design, goes into the way my mind works and how I see the world. I’ve become full of love since art has become apart of my everyday life. This is because of the sharing aspect and wanting my viewers to find beauty in their own lives. But most importantly, its for me to find the love within myself and use it to transform my messy thoughts into tangible artwork that is engrained with love.


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Wether its writing, painting, taking photos, whatever it is. The way we express our selves through these artistic routes helps and guides us to find who we are and share who we are and who we want to become. 



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