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Personal style. Developed overtime, gained from experiences and the love for unique fashion and design. I’m gravitated to those who obtain a unique personal style, no fear holding them back from expressing who they are through their clothing and day to day fashion. It seems to be such a pure form of self confidence and expression. Here are a handful of creatives that caught my eye and hopefully yours too.

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How to define my style? It’s not an easy task!
All I can say, is that style and culture are linked.
I was born into a rock family! During my whole childhood I have been influenced by the rockstars and the different rock bands. The music they played, the way they were dressed… everything was so perfect to me, and that feeling never left. Rock is an acoustic form of music, it’s raw, it’s so real, so soothing, so timeless.
Today, fashion has evolved, the rappers, mostly ex-gangsters influence fashion. It’s a logical evolution, things are moving. Rockstars were mostly bad boys too!
But today’s fashion doesn’t match me.
In my life, I’m a minimalist and I’m classical. Simple things are often the best things. Simplicity doesn’t mean lack of creativity.
I don’t mean that I want to dress myself like the rockstars, I’m just following my mind.
Nobody has to follow the trend if it doesn’t match itself. Being yourself is the most important thing! Do not try to be like someone else, do not act like someone else.
Being unique is so rare when we see all the clones without any creativity and personality!
Rock is a part of my personality, all I do depends on my personality.
It is me; Thomas Yayici.


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Paris is the birthplace of fashion. California is the birthplace of street wear. My specific styles, personality, and mindset are the results of being born in Paris and growing up in Los Angeles. What inspires me most from these two locations:

the weather, the architecture, the underground metro system, making awkward yet satisfying eye contact with a random girl when crossing the street, how one place smells like the ocean and the other cigarette smoke, and driving on the PCH late at night when there is no one on the road just me and the ocean to my side listening to Clams Casino. My Grandma raised me for my first few years in Paris I would watch French and American cartoons with her, then draw for hours on end, and when we went outside it was always to different art museums, like Le Louvre or Centre Pompidou. I think I was exposed to more paintings and statues than any kid on the block. I am grateful for my Grandma’s ways because she opened my creativity and style at a young age. I’ve been drawing before I could even speak. In high school, I got my illustrations printed on shirts and sold them to friends around school and eventually random people in other countries that would find me on Instagram. I’m constantly working on different illustrations, designing and sewing garments, taking artistic photos of clothing that emphasize some sort of detail, writing and spitting French verses, and being with my creative friends that are always making cool music, art, or clothes. You should never depend on anyone except yourself.


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Fashion is very important to me. I love how you can express yourself the way you want. I think you can find your own personal style everywhere. You just have to keep your eyes open. I remember, when I was trying to find myself. It was not an easy process. When you succeed, it is so amazing, that you can’t even put that into words. I’d say, that my fashion taste is quite different, but at the same time it is very simple. I love mixing different colors and patterns. I get my inspiration in many ways, listening to music, magazines, art and just looking at different people. Through the fashion, I want to show who I really am. You just have to be confident and try everything, even the crazy ideas. Always remember to be open minded.


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Clothing is a way of expressing myself and a way to present myself to the world. It is how I can show a part of who I am instantly. It gives others a chance to see me as I see myself. I consider my personal style as somewhat a uniform. I both love and hate the idea of a “uniform” in the way that it is a way to reflect your core personality and creativeness, however, it is also somewhat restricting. I feel like I can sometimes have difficulty expressing myself and stepping out of my comfort zone after having relied on a certain style for a while. That being said, I think it is important to explore new territories of fashion and personal style as my personality or preferences change. The most important part for me is to make sure I don’t feel like I’m wearing a costume, but instead something that reflects how I feel.


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My style? Think 70’s with a French flare. Vintage tees & pinstriped pants. Effortless but eccentric. Think Cher and Mick Jagger. Think blazers and tons of leather (both skintight and loose). To be sincere, I look like a crazed Black Sabbath fan most of the time.

Sometimes I’m in docs and Levi’s & sometimes I’m in heels and some thrifted trousers. Depends on my mood and the record that’s spinning in my room.

A word of advice? Be unapologetically yourself. As weird and wild as you may be.


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Personal style changes as we grow, we slowly form and become more and more ourselves. My style is a constant, rotating example of myself. It doesn’t have limits nor is it in a box. It’s really important to me that I don’t focus and obsess over what society whats me to do, wear, and look like. I don’t dress for anyone else but myself, and neither should you.


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