Getting To Know Daniel Gadawski

An Interview with Daniel all about the behind the scenes of his photography and his creative purpose. 

Why did you decide to make the move to Los Angeles, and how as it changed you and your perspective on creating?

I knew If I really wanted to grow as a creative & photographer I had to pretty much be in LA. So I moved out to LA 7 months ago to study digital media at the fashion institute in downtown LA. I wasn’t going to attend that school at first but I was fortunate enough to get a scholarship there & have my first year payed for.


When did you discover your passion for photography, and how do you balance creating what you love and dealing with societies standards and judgment?

I started taking photos like a year and a half ago because my brother started to manage this artist named Matt Burton out in Portland, and once his name started to buzz I wanted to document all the cool stuff we were doing. Matt is like a brother to me now and definitely the reason I started doing all of this. A few months went by and RichTheKid asked me to shoot his performance in Portland when he was on tour with the Migos. I got some good shots that night and realized I really wanted to keep shooting concert photography and try to work with bigger and bigger artist. 

I don’t really care to meet any society standards or produce content that everybody will like. I just like taking and editing photos that I personally enjoy & then I just hope others will too I guess. One of the worst photos I’ve ever taken (it was super blurry/out of focus) was posted on Instagram by Ian Connor when I was first getting started & I was so hyped, I guess you just don’t know what people will and won’t like.


You’ve worked with some big artists and creators, how has it benefited you and your career?

Like I said, I haven’t been taking photos for that long, so any opportunity I get to shoot with a big named artist is really cool to me & helps my portfolio out a lot. I made some solid connections right when I moved to LA, there’s been a few people that have believed in me and my work and provided me with some really cool opportunities.


How do you want people to feel and think of when they view and enjoy your work?

I just want people to think it’s as cool as I do typically hahaha. The second I get back from shooting a show or something I’ll typically upload right away and start editing. That’s one of the coolest things about shooting these shows, you don’t really know if you got any good shots or not until you get home. If I think it’s cool than I don’t really care how others feel. I also wanna start working with more brands and designers around LA & shoot more look books/ editorials. I have a lot of big plans for the rest of 2017 & I really wanna continue to push myself as a creative going forward.



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