Behind The Scenes With Andriy

A behind the scenes with Andriy all about PLUSMINUS INTL 

What is Plusminus Intl and how did it all come together?

PLUSMINUS is basically a small brand that captures the positive and the negative which is portrayed in our clothing, it’s in the name. The other side of PLUSMINUS is our shows and our involvement in the community, we help young underground artists build some type of platform or at least attempt to. I have personally sought out local talents and talented artist all over the country, Artist like  LIL PEEP, BLACK SMURF, RVMIREZ, CRAIG XEN, KILLSTATION, J GRXXN, BLVC SVND, NEDARB NEGROM, LIL TRACY and many more to come here to the Bay Area and do shows with our locals and help connect and grow as individuals through performing in front of amazing crowds of young people. PLUSMINUS was started by Me & Dillon Nordstrom in February 2016.


When did you discover your passion for creating and how has it changed your perspective on life?

I found my love for art and the way it’s created early in my childhood. I came from the Western part of Ukraine when I was 10 and when I was a youngin I would see how everything was handmade from things like clothes, paintings all sorts of art all the way down to agriculture. I was always that kid in the village adventuring outside looking for things to work on and break. Art is all about trial and error and that’s what I experienced all through out my life even with plusminus.


How has your upbringing affected you’re creative work?

My upbringing had a huge impact. I think thats what made me realize I have a different eye for things, my opinion on art is usually different from other people, for the most part I’m mostly misunderstood but I know what I’m talking about and trying to portray it just takes time for people to catch on but I think that’s what makes it unique, I don’t want to make art where it’s too simple to understand I want whoever is paying attention to dig deep and figure it out, if that makes sense. 


What’s your goal when you produce and create content, and how would you like it to effect and influence others?

I’m not fully sure what my goal is but I think when something is made like a tee shirt or any piece of clothing. I want it to speak louder than words and make the person that’s wearing it feel comfortable expressing themselves through a fabric instead of their mouth because we all know no one listens to each other. But also bringing people together and having a good time and vibing through the music at the shows and seeing my fellow clothing artists pieces on other people at the shows is a cool feeling too. We’re all just doing something we like.


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