Behind The Style Of Charlotte And Analisa

Behind the style and pictures with some young creatives. Get a look behind their inspiration and personal style.

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My fashion inspiration mainly comes from Instagram and there are 3 main girls I follow who give me inspiration on a daily basis: @lissyroddyy @emmazoeyroech and @idabroen. These girls all have very unique styles and I like to incorporate aspects of them into my style including color coordination, patterns and layering. I also find inspiration at Uni where there’s a variety of girls who pull off so many different cool looks and I like to try out these myself.

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My love for fashion started when I was in my first year of College so I would have been 16 and I was the classic ‘geeky girl’ who had no friends and no idea what fashion even meant. I downloaded the app Instagram and suddenly I became so intrigued by the world of fashion and being able to express yourself  by what you wear. Then I discovered charity shops…I was then able to buy loads of garments and experiment with colors and patterns etc. Since then I’ve published my fashion ideas and outfits on Instagram and I’ve gained a lot of recognition for that, which has not only helped my self-confidence grow massively but I have now found what I’m passionate in and I’ll hopefully continue to grow in the future!

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Although I’m not sure what the future holds for me, I would love to pursue a career in fashion either as a blogger, stylist or designer. I feel the world of social media and fashion is increasing massively everyday and this will open a lot of doors for young people dreaming of having a career in the creative industry.

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My style can be described as minimal and laid back. I’m into basics that can be worn over and over and mixing feminine with masculine. I get a lot of inspiration from old movies and my style icons would be Jean Seberg and Katharine Hepburn, they both channeled a casual, gender-neutral look that was easy, cozy, and timeless–all things I aim for when getting dressed!

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Creating these posts has not only been enjoyable but inspiring! I’ve discovered and come across so many talented, artistic, and inspiring individuals online and featuring them and sharing their work is beyond amazing. I’ve grown and created this online presence and it can be difficult to balance originality and keeping true to who you are but also producing content others will enjoy. It can become easily fabricated and appear a different way. I always learning new ways to progress into a more honest, genuine individual and I hope my personality shows through the many photos and written pieces. If you’re interested in being featured on contact me below to feature your style, art, music, etc.


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