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For me, my style is whatever I feel like wearing that day. I have so many inspirations when it comes to fashion, but I’m kind of all over the place when I’m picking out an outfit. Freshmen year of high school I started to care more about my clothes. My closet then consisted of lots of oversized denim and leather jackets from my dad and even my mom’s vintage Sunday school shoes that I wore to shreds. Jump ahead a year and I began to become familiar with designers and started my first job, retail. I started thrifting every week. I wanted to see it all, find those hidden gems, if any. Funky patterns, annoying shoes, anything that made a statement. Within the past two years I’ve really broadened my spectrum in designers and introduced some different styles like streetwear. And I think a lot of inspiration for me now comes from my favorite films and Tv shows. The impeccable 1970’s trench coats in Harold and Maude, Mia Wallace’s perfect white button up in Pulp Fiction, the futuristic designs in The Fifth Element, Jane Fonda as Barbarella, Uma Thurman’s iconic Kill Bill suit, David Bowie in Labyrinth, Elvira’s silk dresses in Scarface and so on. Anything that I ever buy, I like it to have a story. Just like every scene in those above. So I usually shop now at vintage designer consignment stores.


When I’m shopping anywhere, I get into this intense zone for hours, picking through every item, checking labels, styling in my head with my own closet and finally deciding what to actually buy. For me, the quality of an item and it’s uniqueness is very important. Some of my favorite brands recently are Comme Des Garçons, Balenciaga, Acne Studios, Gucci, and Opening Ceremony. Just today, in London, I bought some Balenciaga Paris dress pants, new Acne jeans and a blouse to match my brand spanking new Saint Laurent sunglasses. Even though I buy mostly designer now, I still like to pair things up with my special vintage finds, like my Harley Davidson bombers and band tees.


So to sum it all up, fashion and styling has become basically second nature to me. I’ll always be shopping to my last dollar. I don’t think I’ll ever have any moment where I’m satisfied with my whole closet. I’m always looking for more, something to add on to this outfit, something that’s this color, and blah blah blah. But looking back at my life so far in clothing choices, it ain’t too shabby.


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