Behind The Style With Creatives

Take a look behind the scenes of some young creatives, an peep into their fashion and personal style and everything in between.

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I’ve been forever infatuated with 1920s-1970s fashion, and I’d say those two eras directly impact on the way I carry myself. I mix a little bit of everything when it comes to putting together my outfits, and most of them are inspired from the movie Lolita (1990s), mixed with some 70s or 60s pieces. Sadly, “vintage” clothing are way too expensive for me to buy, which is why I improvise.


Even though most of my pieces look era appropriate most of them are clothes made around the early 2000s! My popular shopping trips are any goodwills, salvation army’s or thrift store I come across and spend as little as $20 for an entire outfit! 

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Expressing myself through outfits and makeup is the most important part to me, it helps me gain confidence– my looks mean everything to me and it’s one thing no one can take away, which is something I’ll treasure for a very long time.

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Growing up in a small conservative country in Northern Europe I never quite fitted in. My personality and the way I dressed was too excessive for most people.

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I’ve always been really interested in fashion, since I can remember I would design my own clothes and do fashion shows in my living room. In my teen years I really wanted to be “normal” I started dressing like everyone else. It wasn’t until I went to New York last August I finally realized it’s okay to be different. That trip really opened up my eyes in so many ways…seeing so much creativity, diversity and culture changed me a lot.

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When I got home and I felt so inspired, I started thrifting and redesigning my clothes. My style is still evolving and I don’t want to but a label on it….but if you ask my mom she would say I dress like a homeless person.

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At the top of my list of inspirations I would definitely say Missy Elliot is up there. But on top of that I usually get inspired by different things I see every day. A lot of times just the mood I’m in impacts what I’ll put on. I really like colors and patterns too, so I tend to drift towards anything with a cool color pallet. I’ve been into fashion since I was really young but I didn’t really know what “fashion” was, I just knew I liked people who looked different. Yea, my upbringing really impacted my style. Well, it’s more like it taught me a lot. School taught me to dress for myself and not others. In elementary and middle school people really looked at you sideways if you dressed differently. It was manipulating but I didn’t care if they understood me or not. That’s not why I was at school.


My parents each have their own little style. The art and music I was exposed to when I was younger helped build my creativity and curiosity. They influenced me to look at things in a different way. Does the city I live in have an impact on my style? Mmm-only to an extent. Yes, what I’m exposed to out here influences me and it puts the street in my style but ultimately my style is made up of whatever I find cool or interesting. So whether I live here or in Canada or wherever I am I still wear what I want or whatever catches my eye. My next project that I’m working on right now is a clothing line coming soon in the Summer/Fall. Im really excited for it. I get to put my designs into work and work with a lot of familiar and upcoming artists, so stay tuned.


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Hey so I’m Paris, a fashion based graphic artist and photographer, and ironically I don’t think I’ve ever really written about my style before. I grew up in Roanoke, Virginia where my mom has a jewelry store- it’s mainly fine jewelry but she also creates custom pieces and does consignment. Those were the ones I’ve always been most drawn to just because they always have some sort of story. One of her customers, Emma, is 70 something and an absolute badass. She’s been collecting jewelry all over the world for years and doesn’t have any kids to hand them down to, she writes little notes for me about what city and year she found it in which means the world to me.  

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I went to college at SCAD, where I was blown away when my friends were able to show me clothes they created their self. For example, one of my best friends Angel Emmanuel. He studied fibers and recently has been doing really cute embroidered hoodies ~

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I can’t really think of one word that sums up my “style”, it’s kind of all over the place and re-influenced all the time. I’ll always get shit for it because of my name, but I absolutely love anything Parisian. But then on a completely different note, my work is collage and GIF based, so I think that’s also pretty influential. A lot of my things have illustrations on them whether that’s eyeballs or lips or something fun.

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I don’t think I realized this until I was pulling some photos together for this blog post, but apparently I also love to dress monochromatically too* Maybe I’m biased, but I think to keep things wild it’s so important to support local stores! They’ll always have a hidden gem you couldn’t find somewhere else. To wrap everything up I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite go to’s: Chess & Sphinx, The Cobra Shop, Honey Vintage, Worship, Friends, Beacons Closet

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