Behind The Scenes Of DALMATA

Take a look behind the scenes of shop Dalmata. Everything from the creative process to the story behind it all.

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I never had the intention to start a jewelry brand, yet some time in 2016, DALMATA was born. I had just moved back home from San Francisco after dropping out of college and really had no idea what to do with my time. I began hanging out with my boyfriend who lived in Los Angeles quite a bit. He had just started his jewelry line making bracelets at the time, so he would drag me around downtown LA into all of these jewelry shops for supplies. I got the idea to hand make a choker for myself after not being able to find anything cool and new that fit my style.


I found a few different types of chain and other various jewelry components, and played around with some designs for a few days. I ended up making about three or four designs initially, and released them exclusively through Twitter. After more and more people started to gain interest in them, I created a simple webshop so people could purchase them more easily.


It was a lot of trial and error back then to build DALMATA into the brand it is today; the quality of our pieces in the beginning was… a bit lacking. Shout out to anyone who bought an original DALMATA piece, I would love to send you some of our newer work.


Just a little over a year later, DALMATA has expanded from simple chokers to various necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, body jewelry and wallet chains. All of our pieces are still handmade and I hope to keep it that way for as long as possible. Our newest venture includes selling our jewelry at a booth at the Melrose Trading Post every Sunday, so you can finally buy DALMATA in person!


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