Behind The Photography With Bradley Ross

A little Interview with creative and photographer Bradley Ross.

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Where do you get the majority of your inspiration? And how does it impact you and your style?

When I first started I pretty much only got my inspiration from Instagram, so I just ended up going into abandoned buildings and onto rooftops for my photos, which was what people thought was cool at the time, so after a while I felt like my photos were just getting really boring and not even good so I just wanted to switch up my style completely. I started looking at Tumblr more, which is so good for fashion inspiration especially. I also started being more influenced by people like Frank Ocean, Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky, because of how they just do their own thing and just like how they crafted their own style and influence in terms of their fashion and their art, which is so inspiring and I really want to be like that with my own work. All these influences kind of came together after that and I just wanted to try and do something more unique than what other people were doing at the time, which led to my style now.


When did you first get into fashion and photography and how has your upbringing affected it?

I didn’t really know or care about fashion until like just over a year ago when I started making friends with people who inspired me with their style. None of my friends really cared about fashion either so as I met new people, it was cool to see all their different styles and how much they loved fashion so it was a really good influence. I never really thought photography was something I would be interested in either until like two years ago, when I would just walk around the city with my friends taking photos of things that looked cool. Then as I got older, I wanted to do something more creative so I looked for some inspiration and that kind of started me off to what I do now, so I guess it was like a natural progression.

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How does the city you live in inspire you and your personal style?

When I first started taking photos I thought the city was so cool but as I explored it more I realized that you really need to do something unique to stand out, cause everyone was just taking the same type of photos, so I decided to change up my style and people liked it which was really cool. The city is quite small and everyone here kind of knows each other so it’s really easy to be creative and you can easily find inspiration from what everyone else is doing. It’s also allowed me to make lots of really cool connections with people with similar ideas and also provide me with lots of opportunities to do what I love.


What creative plans do you have for the future?

At the moment I really want to do some more creative work, like more unique or conceptual kind of stuff that makes me stand out from other photographers. I’m also working on some music and hopefully have some people I’m gonna work with on that. I also want to make a zine / book thing where I kinda do it all myself, e.g. styling and everything, and just make something really cool that shows some of my best work.

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