Behind The Style With Nina Huynh

A little interview with online creative Nina! An look into her style and inspiration.

Where do you get the majority of your inspiration? And how does it impact you and your style?

I’m a huge people watcher so my style is definitely inspired by other people – on the gram, on the street, you name it. I remember wanting to dress just like Britney Spears, my brother, scene kids, french girls. I think this is why my style is all over the map, cause I’m so easily infatuated – but I like it. If I see something I like, I’ll replicate it and put my own twist on it. 
I feel like the only way to find your personal style is to try everything – see how you move in it, feel in it, live in it. That way you’ll know what you like and don’t like.
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Do you think social media has changed or affected you and your style if so, how?

It absolutely has. I think it’s helped it to grow if anything. It’s important to not just copy – piece for piece – what I see cause then it’s not actually contributing to the development of my personal style. I think of it like writing an essay for school. You find an article you want to reference, absorb it as you read it and refer back to it as you write, but you don’t outright plagiarize it. 

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When did you first get into fashion and how has your upbringing affected it?

Fashion has always been part of my life.
Growing up, my mom worked at a donation office so 99% of my clothes were second hand. It sucked not being able to indulge in the same trends as everyone else but that’s actually how I developed my own sense of style. I learned to feel comfortable in virtually everything and my diverse closet allowed me to experiment with every kind of look I wanted to achieve.
Also both my mom and my dad know how to sew so for years they were making me clothes until I started to design things for them to make me – my dad made my prom dress for me; it was so dope. If you think about it, my parents are the ones responsible for the development of my personal style – by never buying me the clothes that I asked for and teaching me to make my own – and for that I am forever thankful. 
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How does the city you live in inspire you and your personal style?

Oh man, if you’re from the bay, you already know. It’s funky, sexy, chill. Big hoops, loose shirts and tight skirts. It’s all that but so much more – there seriously isn’t anything that San Francisco isn’t. I mean, except for boring. It was an awesome city to grow up in for sure.
Vancouver’s different. There are some people tearin’ it up but for the most part it feels like people are too scared to express themselves. It has helped me to develop the little minimalist in me though – that’s for sure.
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What creative work do you have planned for the future?

I am still on this youtube grind and I don’t see that ending anytime soon but I would love to start designing some clothes soon. I am always working on designs on the side but as soon as I have a clear vision of how I want it to all come together, I’ll get to work.
Other than that, I am just happy to be able to be at a place where I am comfortable expressing myself creatively – whatever shape that may take xx 


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