Get To Know Vincent Lantzy

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My names Vincent Lantzy, I’m 17 years old. I grew up all around Detroit, Michigan. I’m an Artist. I love to do all things creative where I can express myself. Wether it be fashion, music, acting, or writing.

Where do you get the majority of your inspiration from and how does it affect your creative work?

My inspiration comes from alot of research I do on my favorite artists and icons. After i do my research these ideas manifest into my own vision. Once i have a clear vision i execute them until my ideas become tangible.


How do you balance creating content that others will enjoy but still stay true to who and what you like?

I put all my soul into my creative work and just hope that others will enjoy it. Thats all an artist can hope for.


How has social media benefited your work and engagement with others? And how do you not let the negative side of things get it the way?

Social media has benefited me by making it easier for everyone to see my work and attracted like minded people into my life. The downside of social media thought is that it makes it harder to be a true creative with so many people putting out the same aesthetics and ideas instead of branching away from whats popular. I try not take to much inspiration from what i see on social media and make sure that everything im putting out is original and true to me.


How does your upbringing and where you live affect you and your work?

My upbringing and living in a rural community for most of my life has made me have a different outlook on life, even though i dont feel like i belong here. The feeling of being an outcast too has definitely shaped me as a person. This affects my fashion vision because i like to give my pieces all a technical purpose. When your on a farm or working construction, the garments you wear normally have a specific purpose to the job your doing. I try to incorporate this into my design. The outcast side of me likes to put a spin on all of my pieces and make them stand out. Something that signifies that I’m different and not sorry about it. The way i would describe my style is James Dean meets GI Joe


What creative plans do you have for the future?

My plans for the Future are to open 3 Flagship stores in New York, LA, and Detroit. Once I’ve done this and made my mark in the fashion world, I want to move to Europe get my hand in Architecture. My end goal is to be something like Tony Stark.


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I love to be able to feature and talk about other inspiring women and men on social media. Everything from fashion, art, lifestyle it all has it’s place in the creative world. Connecting with others through our work and creativity has been the most inspiring thing to be apart of. If you’re interested in collaborating with me or featuring your creative work on contact me below. 

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