Geena Rae X Barcelona

Monday September 18th 2017 5:00 am, headed to Barcelona Spain for a 5 week adventure. No plan, no rhyme or reason, just a chance to find myself and learn and grow as an individual.

6 hour layover in LA : photoshoot for upcoming clothing brand Genre Unknown (Blogpost coming soon) 

Venice Beach, California 
Venice Beach, California

I’ve been lucky enough to do quite a bit of traveling in my young life, been to my parents hometowns in England, Paris, Italy, Australia, but this time I’m going along side my sister (who lives in Spain). No parents, no idea what I’m really doing. I’m being totally honest hear here I was terrified, the idea of 5 weeks away didn’t seem too daunting. Then I got on the 10 hour flight and had a small mental breakdown. I’m learning that I need to be content with myself no matter where I am and no matter who I’m with, I can’t depend on other individuals to make me feel comfortable or give me the feeling of home. I can’t rely on anything or anyone but myself. So no matter what happens in my life I’ll be able to handle it on my own.

Tuesday September 19th 2017 4:00 pm, landed in Barcelona.

I’ve pushed myself a lot in the past year, forced myself to grow and step out of my head and acknowledge my faults, which can be extremely hard.

Barcelona, Spain

 Jumping into a new culture and new environment, exploring the in’s and out’s of a city filled with passion and art. There is an overwhelming feeling of creativity here in Spain, each individual with a different path and vision. Everything from skate culture, to modern art and photography. I feel so inspired to do what I love when I’m surrounded by people who do the same. It makes me feel more connected to what I’m doing and reminds me I can have an impact if I put my heart and soul into my creative passions.

Friday September 22nd 2017 2:30 pm, Federal Cafe

I’m always shocked at how quickly things change. My worries and things I spend hours stressing over are gone in a few weeks and I’m already on to the next one. The good moments fly by like they never came in the first place. Finding that balance of what to spend worrying about and what to just sit back and enjoy. It’s a constant battle that I’m still trying to figure out. 

Federal Cafe, Barcelona


Small moments of each day become more precious when you take the time to acknowledge them and what they’re worth. Wether it’s spending time with a friend or sipping on a coffee. I’m learning to take it all in. Let myself feel instead of trying to force the anxiety away, which more often then not leads to more anxiety. Bad habits and familiarity is easy to get wrapped up in. It takes work and effort to break the cycle and I’m slowly learning to do so. I think that’s the thing I’m most looking forward to, learning. Learning more about myself and how to better my actions and way of thinking. Expand my knowledge and grow as an individual. I’ll return home a more experienced and more real version of myself. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 3.20.15 PM.png


I love to be able to feature and talk about other inspiring women and men on social media. Everything from fashion, art, lifestyle it all has it’s place in the creative world. Connecting with others through our work and creativity has been the most inspiring thing to be apart of. If you’re interested in collaborating with me or featuring your creative work on contact me below. 

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