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I’m Ferdia, I’m a model/ fashion obsessed kid from Ireland, well if eighteen is still considered being a kid, not sure haha! I’m from a very small place in Ireland called Donegal, being brought up here just makes me want to travel and see the world as it’s a very little place and it also leads to everyone knowing everyone. I’m pretty much that one person from my school who had no interest in the normal ways of growing up, but not in a bad way!! I just never had the same intrests as the people who grew up around me. Friends would be talking about football or hobbies that I never had any intentions of liking whilst I was scrolling through my phone looking at the newest clothing drops I would be silently obsessed with but never had any intentions of telling people that I was intrested in it!

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Where do you get the majority of your inspiration from and how does it affect your creative work?

I get a lot of my inspiration through random sources, I could be sitting in a restaurant and see someone walking around with their shoe laces tied differently, or my friends will send me articles and I’ll see a picture of something styled In a cool way, but apart from that I get a lot of it from social media, I mean who doesn’t?  

How do you balance creating content that others will enjoy but still stay true to who and what you like?

I always try to create content that is true to my own persona, I sometimes see clothes I like that I could say to myself “If I took a picture in that it would probably get a lot of good feedback” but I never fall into that, I’m always trying to keep on top of the game but trying to keep it low key, slowly sliding trends into my pictures or else just making content that I know people would be appreciated of. Always sticking to your gut when it comes to picking outfits and planning things is extremely important!! I can’t stress enough on how much I procrastinate when it comes to posting content, some weeks I’ll feel a weak sense of laziness but I will randomly be scrolling through my feed and all of a sudden see a bangin outfit and just randomly get so inspired, then I’ll run out the door to get the picture I visioned In my head!! It’s all about how much you put into it as you will get double the amount back, like everything. Consistancy is key!!

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How has social media benefited your work and engagement with others? And how do you not let the negative side of things get it the way?

Always held social media very close to my heart, the amount of opportunities I got from it has been absolutely insane, a lot of people look at it in a negative way. People can say that it’s dangerous and bad for your mental health to get addicted but it’s all in how you manage it, if you meet up with friends you can pick it up but don’t spend the whole time on you phone because what’s the point? But the fact of knowing how many influential people you can reach out to and how easy it is to create a platform is just insane, you can spread anything you want on there to the world and the amount of people that you’re words are getting across to is absolutely insane, I’ve made some of my closest friends and business partners that I could never find if I didn’t have social media. Major key, just use it wisely!!

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How does your upbringing and where you live affect you and your work?

Growing up in rural Ireland I have always been taught from a young age that you have to work hard to make your money, which is extremely true! A lot of people here have the mindset of getting your hands dirty to get what you want as my grandfather once said to me before he passed away ” if you love your job you will never work a day in your life”, I always keep that in my mind when I’m doing something I love, if I can push that one bit further it could just be your full time job! Also as to working on social media projects, a lot of them are kept low key but because I love the process behind them its never working for me, it’s always enjoyment!

What creative plans do you have for the future?

For now I’m working on something big but it’s not final, it would take me a good year to do but it would be well worth it, otherwise I’m just enjoying my time and trying to make it through my final school year! Who knows what could happen next! It’s all a journey for me.

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I love to be able to feature and talk about other inspiring women and men on social media. Everything from fashion, art, lifestyle it all has it’s place in the creative world. Connecting with others through our work and creativity has been the most inspiring thing to be apart of. If you’re interested in collaborating with me or featuring your creative work on contact me below. 

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